Permanent hair removal using laser technology has never been so good! Dr Gallie, with her experience in the aesthetic laser field, has researched tirelessly to find an amazing machine which combines IPL and Radiofrequency (RF) which is currently being used at Dr Gallie Clinic (East Point Consulting Room practice) where it is producing excellent permanent hair removal results for unwanted hair on the face or body. She is even seeing good results with grey hair which is almost unheard of. 
At Dr Gallie Clinic we appreciate that unwanted hair can be extremely distressing especially when on the face or in places you generally wouldnt expect hair to grow so Dr Gallie has made her hair removal treatments using our amazing IPL/RF machine affordable. From just £25 and with the 6th session free when a course in paid in full, this effective and exclusive hair removal treatment is affordable by everyone. 
For facial hair, Dr Gallie is also able to prescribe a special medication called Eflornithine cream that can be used in conjuction with her IPL/RF machine. Research has found that combining Eflornithine and IPL treatment is more effective for removing facial hair permenantly than using each method alone. 

Tattoo Removal (Coming Soon) 

Here at Dr Gallie Clinic we will be able to help with the fade or removal of unwanted tattoos by using our ND-YAG laser. ND—YAG lasers are non-invasive, non-surgical and very effective, therefore giving you your desired effect more quickly. 
The number of treatments required to address your tattoo will vary depending on the colour quality, it's size, your skin type or whether you just want your tattoo faded so it can be recovered more effectively. Our Technician will discuss your requirements in your consultation where the cost of treatment will also be given. We would always request to see tattoos in the flesh to be able to give a confirmed quote. 

Our guide prices for removal are: 

Small (up to 2cm) from £50 
Medium (2 to 5cm) from £100 
Large (5 to 12cm) from £150 
Extra-large (over 12cm) from £200 

|Our powerful but safe Lasers also Target:  Wrinkles , Open pores, Scars , Thread Veins and Pigmentation 

To book a consultation or treatment please call: 
Dr Gallie Clinic  
01493 601770 or 07874658653 
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